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Lisa has been working with our daughter on Algebra 2. Before we hired Lisa, my daughter had an F. Math has never been her strong suit. After 4 just sessions, she was up to a B, and has stayed there for more than a month. Lisa is extremely patient and she goes above and beyond to make herself available. She has made herself available during times that we are not normally scheduled for before tests, or when our daughter is stuck on a new area. She shows our daughter more than one way to solve problems, which gives her more insight in approaching her work.


Several weeks into tutoring my 13 y/o twin girls on pre-algebra and Geometry, Lisa has shown that she is very patient and is always able to keep them focused. Tutoring one child at a time, due to their differences in how they learn and retain information, Lisa is able to switch gears and relate to whichever one she is working with. I would recommend her to anybody looking for an excellent tutor!!


My daughter was a little nervous about having a tutor, but Lisa made her feel very comfortable. Her grade and her confidence in Algebra has improved thanks to Lisa!

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