Why a tutoring center? How did we get here?

People who know me already know that I am a teacher and a tutor. For years, I have worked with students in the classroom during the day and scheduled tutoring clients for nights and weekends. Both sets of students were important to me. As a private tutor, I have always tried to make sure that I worked and scheduled my appointments so that I could offer sessions at rates that parents could afford. It has always been my goal to offer tutoring options to students who may not have been able to afford the extra help. That is a challenge for a small business, but it is important to me.

For several years, Brandon and I have talked about my desire to impact students and to offer affordable extra help for students. In January of 2019, we started seriously planning and dreaming about what a small business could look like for our family and our clients. We started the process by registering our business with the state and doing some soft marketing. We quickly realized that a split focus with me in the classroom full-time and running a business would not benefit our clients, so we hit pause on the business to reevaluate.

With the rapid changes in education related to coronavirus and COVID-19, I have been concerned about my students and other students. Looking at my social media, I see teachers working their hardest to teach in constantly changing circumstances, and I see parents frustrated with how to juggle everything. As a parent and a teacher I was feeling both. Watching all of this I have seen an opportunity to help. Whether a parent will be sending their child to school every day, keeping them home part time for blended learning, or virtual learning full time, I saw an opportunity to support parents, teachers, and students. Along with the homework help and test prep I have always offered, I could offer private and group lessons in a smaller environment and in a virtual environment where students and parents worried about attending school could feel more comfortable. I could also offer assistance for busy parents as they try to monitor school activities while working. I don't see a reason that parents or students should have to feel like they are sacrificing educational opportunities while our community figures out how to handle and address the current health concerns.

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